Linking Accounts

You can link multiple accounts, giving you the ability to view invoices, make payments, download and manage settings for multiple accounts from a single login. Those linked accounts will be visible in one screen for easy access. You can link accounts by providing the account number and enrollment token combination, or if the account is already enrolled into our client portal, the username and password. Once an account is added, you can assign them to groups for easy management. At any time, you can remove an account, which will deactivate it from the Customer Portal, and you will no longer receive notification of new e-bills for that account.

Once you have enrolled one of your accounts, please pull a copy of an invoice from each additional account you would like to link together. You will need the “Enrollment Token” posted on each additional account to be linked. If you are looking to link accounts that have already been enrolled, please scroll to “Linking an Already Enrolled Account to an Existing Account”.

Sign in to your existing enrolled account. Next, go to the Settings tab (as shown below). Once in the Settings tab, select “Account Management” on the left-hand side of the page.

On the “Account Management” screen, click “Add New Account.”

Once the account management tab is open, type in the “Friendly Name,” “Customer Number” and “Enrollment Token” for the account you wish to link to your primary account. You will also need to assign a “Group.” You should use Default Group unless you wish to allow several users different rights to the account. **Remember, your enrollment token ID can be found on your invoices. Once this screen is completed, please select “Save.”

In the screen shot below, you will now see we have two accounts listed together in “Account Management.” This means that when you log in to your account, these two accounts will be listed as one. All items posted on both accounts will now be posted together. If you wish to add additional accounts, please repeat the steps above. To add another account, select “Add New Account.” The example below, shows a client’s shared mail and digital accounts that are linked together. The terms “Shared Mail” and “Digital” are used as the Friendly Names for easy reference.

Return to the Open tab to view the items on both accounts. Notice that both account numbers are posted.

Linking your accounts will help you monitor your account(s) in one central area and will eliminate switching between multiple account numbers to make payments or manage your accounts.

Linking an Already Enrolled Account to an Existing Account

1. Please log in to the main or primary account # (already enrolled).

2. Please make sure you have your login name and password available.

3. Select “Add New Account” as shown in the screen shot below.

4. On the next screen, select “click here,” as shown.

This will change the Customer Name field to “Login Name” and Enrollment Token to “Password” (as shown below). Please enter in your login name and password for the account to be linked to the main account. Then select the “Default Group” button unless you have designation-specific groups for specific users. Next, select “Save.” Select “Settings” > “Account Management” to see the multiple account numbers listed, which signifies the accounts are now linked. Please repeat for each additional account to be linked.

If you need further assistance, please email us at CustomerPortal@cmag.com