Once logged in to the Clipper Magazine Customer Portal, you can view the current standing of your account, including viewing invoices.

1. Viewing Invoices – Once logged in to your account, you will automatically be presented with the “Open” items in your account. In the screen shot below, you can see an invoice (000000) listed in an account. On the left-hand side of the screen is a column header labeled “PDF.” Under this header, you will see an icon of a PDF file. This file is a copy of your invoice for the invoice # listed to the right.

Select the “PDF” icon as shown above to open the file and view your invoice. The viewable invoice copy will reflect the invoice copy you have received from Clipper (whether by email or mail). On the invoice copy, all the vital order information will be present to easily identify the program, promotion and/or service date.

2. Printing Invoices – Invoices can be printed in the following ways:
• Check the to the left of the PDF (as shown below), then select the “Print” button.
• Once you have opened a copy of your PDF invoice, you can easily print a copy of the desired invoice directly from the client portal.
• Invoices can also be printed by right clicking on the document (once open) and selecting “Print” or selecting the “Print” icon on your screen (depending on your browser type).

3. Sorting Invoices – In the header row (shown below), you can set a filter on any of the items on the header to sort your items a specific way or to narrow down a search for a particular item. You can sort by Group, Account, Bill Date, Due Date, Invoice #, PO Number, Invoice Balance, Open Balance, Paid Online or Downloaded. Filter options can include alphabetical, date range, specific month or time period.

4. Downloading Invoices – Downloading your invoice can be done as follows:
• Select the button to the left of the PDF(s) (as shown below), then select the “Download” button. To save a copy to your desktop or elsewhere, simply right click on the PDF icon and select “Save Image As.”

Once the “Download” button is selected, the message below appear. Downloading your invoice(s) allows you to pull the selected item(s) directly into your payment system. The “Select File Format” screen allows you to select from a group of payment systems; simply select the system that you currently use to download and import the item. Next, select the “Download” button.

Once you have selected the “Download” button, go back to the “Open” screen. Here you will see to the far right of the screen a header labeled “Dnld,” this stands for download. Here you can see which items you have already downloaded, indicated by a “Y.” An “N” means the item has not been downloaded.

If you need further assistance, please email CustomerPortal@cmag.com